[v6 General Discussion] No background in live display. Just words on black.

Sunday morning, after turning on the computer and opening my schedule that I created earlier, the background picture (the selected song and scripture theme) would not show on the live screen. It showed in the schedule setup in the left column of Easy Worship. I tried grabbing the theme and dropping it on the song again, that didn’t work. I tried closing and opening the schedule, that didn’t work. I finally removed all the songs, deleted the picture that I was using for the theme (both song and scripture), deleted it from the images file and then imported the picture again, set the picture as the song and scripture theme, and put my songs back in the schedule. It all seemed fine and I could get on with the worship service.

Now here is where it really got WEIRD!

The first song, (Only two slides) displayed fine. The second song the background showed on the first two of the eight slides, the last six slides would not show the background. It was just white letters on black. The third song showed the first three slides, the last five slides would not show the background. It too, was just white letters on a black background. Songs four and five displayed properly as well as all the scripture slides.

Anyone experience this?

You might look at my post above. Make sure you do not need to resign backgrounds.
Has any one figured this out? We are seeing this issue but just for songs. Presentations and Scriptures work just fine. The live preview section (middle section) of the songs show the background just fine but the actual live output display just shows white text on a black background. This was working just fine 2 weeks back but we had to re-format and re-install the entire PC to roll back to Windows 7 while keeping the EasyWorship settings.
Can you provide info about your video card? I've only seen this occur with older intel cards and low end Intel Atom based graphics. When you go live, click on help, video codec troubleshooting. What appears there?
Does the video play by itself?
same prob. Motion backgrounds/themes not displayin on Live. Just black. What's the fix to this? Already downloaded Quicktime.
Thought I would throw this out there from my recent experience.

I went through the trouble of organizing all my backgrounds in to folders and then have those folders pulled into collections. After moving the background image files, most of my songs lost connection to them and I had to go back in and reassign the backgrounds to songs. Many of the video backgrounds still showed in the preview of EW, but would just be black when I went live with them.

I know this may sound simple but I want you to check something for me.

If you go to the media tab make sure that you do not have something typed into the search box when then media does not show up.

For Example if I go to Media and type in thd nothing shows up in the media area because I do not have any media by that name. The media area will appear empty until I clear out the text I have typed in the search box.
This morning about 10 minutes before we went live with our service we discovered that we have no media in our media tab (no videos, images, etc). Everything is empty. Also no Themes. I tried to re-add the backgrounds (we keep a copy of the motion loops and images on on our server) EW came up with a message that files in the resource area have the same names and if we want to replace them (I did not have the time to record the exact message). I chose to skip the overwrite but when it was done copying, there were still no media.

As it was "go time" we just went ahead with projecting white text on black background.
Any videos we added by dragging and dropping directly onto the schedule we were able to play fine.

We are in the middles of our service now - I plan to restart EW when we are done and see if this changes anything.
I will also check if the files are physically there in the resources folder.

We have had strange things happen with EW6 before - a restart worked. Will keep you posted.

I'm having the same problem as well. Last Sunday I was able to import my background videos and set them as themes for each song and would display just fine. Today picking new songs for Sunday and adding the background videos to them as last time. Everything shows up fine till I hit live and then it shows a black background and white lettering.
It sounds like you are adding the background to the song slides as a foreground element instead of setting a background.
In other words, when you edit the song, you are dragging a media item onto the slide and sending it to back.
To set a default background go to themes, then right click on a theme you want to use for songs and click set as song theme.
For scriptures to go the scripture themes and do the same.
I'm getting something similar in EW6. Whilst songs with backgrounds are displaying fine, when I click the CLEAR button the screen goes completely black. On the previous version of EW the text would go but the default background remain? Also when selecting scriptures the background also disappears.

Each week we like to use a seasonally appropriate background image (and set all songs to display default background) but this is compromised by this loss of background when clearing the screen or displaying scripture. What setting are we missing?

Have you installed quicktime support from the help menu?
If not, please try installing Quicktime player from the help menu, then reboot the computer and try again.
I'm having the same problem...
I am having the same problem. Most of my video backgrounds will not work---just white text on a black screen.

A few video backgrounds work, and all my images.

Please help
We haven't seen this yet besides on your system.