[v6 General Discussion] New presentation slide is black (EW6)

As stated, once the new presentation slides are completed and moved into the schedule, the thumbnail is black. The presentation is a countdown video downloaded from the EW media center.
I tried using all the downloaded countdown videos in my library, but all appear black when moved into the schedule. The presentation does play properly when clicked and activated. So why does the schedule icon appear black? (Not having problems with song or scripture background appearing black in the schedule column)

What appears in Media for video thumbnail? What appears in schedule if you add video directly? I have some video thumbnails that are black. EW2009 would let you set thumbnail for display in Resources.
For black thumbnails in the media area, right click on the video.
Click on edit Video properties.
Click the thumbnail to the right of the Title to set the thumbnail.

The issue you are having is due to you putting the video on the slide as an element.
The thumbnail doesn't display the element because it's not part of the theme.
If you click the triangle next to the Presentation you'll see the first slide with a thumbnail that displays exactly what is on slide 1.
The First thumbnail is a thumbnail that shows you the formatting of the presentation but not the content of the first slides.
Since you do not have a theme set for presentations or for that specific presentation the thumbnail for the presentation in the schedule is black. The thumbnail in the schedule represents the overall look of the presentation, not the content of each individual slide inside the presentation.
the correct picture icon shows up for video thumbnaiis in media. I will check resource settings to see if options are available.
Is this a glitch in the program?
If I have 2 or 3 presentations loaded in the schedule it is difficult to tell which one is which.
I have been identifying the black thumbnail by typing a brief description in the notes section.
Any more suggestions on how to get the thumbnail to display in the schedule section.?
Thanks Rodger.
I will try that.
I would think that displaying the video thumbnail should be the default setting regardless if it is entered as an element or otherwise.
I've only been using this EW6 version for a few days so I'm still in that learning curve.
Once I get a handle on most of the features I will have the dreaded task of teaching the basics to others on our AV team.
The top thumbnail in a presentation is a representation of the look of presentation. It actually doesn't make sense for it to use the thumbnail of the first slide in the slideshow for the top thumbnail because it may not represent the look of the rest of the slideshow.
If you are only going to display a video, you can drag it to the schedule, you don't have put it in a presentation.
If you need the video to fit the screen better, you may need to right click on it in the resource area and click on the edit video properties and change the aspect ratio to stretch or zoom.
The issue with elements is there can be multiple per presentation, even multiple per slide. Using graphics elements should be reserved for more complex presentations. Using background is going to be simpler to manage in the long run. I'm glad there is a way to change video thumbnail.