[v6 General Discussion] Themes help

I'm playing around now with the new version trying to make sense of things. I now believe the old version of EW is a lot easier to work with but it could just be the learning curve is different for EW6. When I go to the themes tab to create a theme I go to the arrow next to the plus icon and select "New Song Theme". Once I'm done with my edits and naming the theme I click ok to save. Now it shows up as a presentation theme and not in songs themes so I can't seem to apply this theme as a default or to any songs. I just assumed that clicking on "new song theme" would allow me to create a theme for songs. What am I doing wrong? Version 6 build 1.9.

Thanks for the help.

Click on Media tab, Right-Click on any media thumbnail then select Copy to Theme -> Song Theme

Click on Themes tab and new theme with that background can be modified
Unfortunately the workaround doesn't seem to be working for me. No big deal. I'm only using it on a test computer.
Thanks GRBCMedia. I was just trying certain things for the first time so I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong! This helps.
This is a known bug, they were fixing Exception errors in theme handling when this bug was introduced. Workaround go to Media, right-click on image or video, Copy to Theme -> Song Theme and then edit in Themes.