[v6 General Discussion] How do I copy a song from one PC to another?

I have just created a schedule on my home PC which contains three songs that are not in our current database. When I copy the schedule to the PC in church, I can go live with these new songs, but how do I add the songs to our list of songs for future use. I don't want to copy the whole database, as we plan to have several people who compile schedules for our services and they could all add new songs. I can copy graphics / videos and export presentations, but can't find how to copy a song between machines?

I have the same issue. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Is this going to be available sometime and, if so, when?
I believe there was another same thread on this and they did not give a timeline as to when it will be available. As far as the update goes is that it is in the pipeline, they are working on it, and it should be available when they have tested and satisfy with the results.
The ability to import a song, and of course export a song is something I have been asking for. As commented it is being looked at, options to have cloud sync (OneDrive etc) would be great but not every church has internet access, mine for example. Hopefully an "Export Song" "Import Song" option is going to appear making USB transfer easy.