[v6 General Discussion] Fonts not available in EW6?

I have 2 fonts that was installed and was visible in Windows\Fonts folder; I was able to select these fonts for use in MS Word, but somehow it is not available in EW6.

Anyone encounter this issue before? Any idea how I can get the 2 fonts to be available in EW for use?

Version 6.1.7 fixed a problem with empty or partially filled font list ([url:6x11bcxu]https://easyworship.com/updates/6/releasenotes.html)

If it's just two then maybe they are different than True Type (TTF) or Open Type (OTF) fonts. My problem is I have difficulty scrolling through all my fonts.
They are truetype fonts - both from adobe, Caslon and Minion Pro. I have not checked any other fonts as these were the 2 that I wanted to test with my slides to see if it would work with the service order.

Anyway, I am trying other fonts as well as a replacement for these 2 fonts.
Running EW 6.3.3. Installed 2 new oft fonts, but even after a system reboot they are not showing up as an option to use in EW. For reference, both fonts show up and work fine in MS Word.

Thanks in advance for any help y'all can give!