[v6 General Discussion] Song Editor Error and Background image not displaying

I created a schedule with just songs yesterday. This morning when I "go live" the background image is displaying black on most songs, but not all. When I go to edit the song the song editor opens with the message "Access Violation at address 00801DB8 in module 'easyworship.exe'. read of address 00000034." I get this message whether I am trying to edit the song from the schedule or song database. I have restarted EasyWorship and my computer. I can see the words to the songs, but the image is black. I can see the image in the thumbnail of the schedule though.

please help!! This is for our Good Friday service!! I shouldn't have to still be using EW2009, but I am VERY thankful that I am able to.

I appreciate all the work you are all putting into ew2009. You listen to what we're saying and that is wonderful. each update things improve and for the most part, we are using EW2009 each service.


Yes, this is a bug. You can right click on an image or video in the media area and copy it to song themes.
Then you can right click on the image or video in the themes area and edit it.
WEll now I'm trying to create song themes and they are getting saved in the presentation theme area so I can't select them for my songs!
I do have build 1.9

I can not get into the editor. That is part of the problem. Each time I select "Edit Item" to open the song editor I get that Access violation.

Have you updated to build 1.9?
Try editing the song, then click on the inspector, presentation, then Revert to Global next to Presentation Theme.