[v6 General Discussion] Ew6 1.9 Powerpoints show as "Slide1" on Schedule

When adding a PowerPoint to the Library in the Presentations, it comes in named "Slide1", on there I can rename it to what I want it named to. Preferably they should come in named with their Filename to start with but they don't.. But what is more trouble on top of that is when they are added to a Schedule from the Library they don't retain the name from the Library and they show back up as "Slide1" again and up there we can't rename it..

We are transitioning from using PowerPoint 2013 to using EW6 so all our files are currently PowerPoint. While we may bring the songs in over time as EW Presentations, right now it's really awkward finding them and knowing what is up next as our Fold back display is saying "up next SLIDE1" all the time.

Is there something I'm missing with PowerPoint files on the schedule to get them to name properly?

It's odd that Slide 1 comes back but not PowerPoint Presentation. Why would they parse the file again other than to build more thumbnails or copy file for inclusion in schedule file; the presentations.db has correct title.
EasyWorship looks for "PowerPoint Presentation" and "Slide 1" in the title and uses the file name if that is the case. However, when you add it to the schedule it reverts to the original title. This has been reported as a bug.
When I add PPT or PPTX files I get file name as the EW6 presentation title. When I look at File Info Properties in PowerPoint 2013 the files had either Slide 1 or PowerPoint Presentation in the Title field. During my tests I added over 900 different PowerPoint files and only in early releases did I have Slide 1 issue. Currently in my last pre-Live system there are 45 files with correct titles.

When added to a schedule the title remains the same.
You can change this a couple of ways.
Browse to the PowerPoint file, right click on it and click on properties, then click on the details tab.
Change the title to the file name.
Or Edit the PowerPoint slideshow and click file save as and enter the title in the title field provided below the file name.
EasyWorship shows the title because EasyWorship Presentations are displayed by title.