[v6 General Discussion] 1080p 29.97 framerate?

Hey everyone!

We're looking at purchasing an upgrade to EW6, but we've recently purchased a High Definition camera for our sanctuary and, unfortunately, its best output is not supported by EW6. Its best output is 1080p 29.97. Will support for this framerate be added to EW6 in the future?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Are you using the WDM Capture device or the Decklink capture device?
What options for resolution and frame rate do you have in the BlackMagic Software?
Does that match what EasyWorship has?
Are you wanting a higher frame rate than 29.97 or are you not getting 29.97?
It's a Blackmagic Declink SDI 4K capture card.

That would be interesting, since the 1080p framerate shows up perfectly in the Media Express software that came with the card. o.o
Please provide more information about the capture device you are using to connect the camera to the computer.
I'll check with the developers, but I'm pretty sure the frame rate is dictated by the capture device.
EasyWorship is providing the options that the driver is returning to EasyWorship.