[v6 General Discussion] Error executing SQL "ATTACH "C:\xxxx\MediaKeys.db" AS keys"

I've set up EasyWorship 6 so that its profile is on a Goggle Drive share (mklink /j EasyWorship <path to OneDrive EasyWorship folder>). This currently is only between my PC and the PC in church. Until I have done some training with the operators we are using PowerPoint presentations from within EasyWorship. Today we had two presentations, the main service one and one covering the notices. Though the software worked ok, we continuously got the following pop-up. Could you explain what it is referring to? Also, what db does EasyWorship use and is the schema publicly available?

Error executing SQL "ATTACH "C:\EasyWorship\St Cuthbert's\v6.1\Database\MediaKeys.db" AS keys" : disk I/O error.



It basically means we tried to connect to a database in the drive and the disk failed to respond. If it is a cloud folder, it could be a result of a timeout on the connection.
Are you trying to use Google Drive as a network drive for sharing EW6 databases? The cloud storage providers don't work like network drives only like relatively fast USB drives. There will be a lag between changes at two computers resulting in corruption like you described.