[v6 General Discussion] Is there any way to globally apply a transition?

I was able in EW2009 to have all my transitions be instantaneous, I can't seem to do this in EW6. I don't want to have to go into every song in the database and make this change and I have tried doing it in Options but it doesn't apply to all the songs or all the slides. This version in my opinion is a huge mess! I don't have time to try to relearn software that was great before! Unfortunately the tech guy at my church got rid of EW2009 and so now I have to deal with this mess! I need help! This update to 6 is complicated and makes no sense why I have to apply everything to each individual song instead of being able to apply it to the whole schedule! I have to apply the backgrounds individually, which really stinks, and find someway to get an instantaneous transition in my whole schedule!

Individual slide decks (songs or presentation) can use global, theme or local settings.. The order of application is Global setting, Theme Setting and Item setting; if next level down isn't defined it adopts that setting. So you can override setting down to single slide.

At the bottom you'll notice the two buttons which allow you to either keep change to this slide (don't push either button), set all slides in deck to this setting (Apply to Theme) or clear this slide's setting (Reset to Theme). I don't think reset applies to entire deck only this slide. Also the theme it refers to is local theme not theme used to create deck nor global theme.

Needless to say themes are not easy to understand and hopefully will be refined in future releases.
Not really having a problem here, but it WOULD be nice have separate transition, at least speeds, for items in the schedule (song-to-song) and the slides in the songs.

In 2009, I always liked a slow transition between songs, using blank graphics-only slides for intro and outro. This made a nice, smooth background transition as our band was making their segue. I also used slow transitions for communion slides. Song slides obviously have to do faster.

So can we do this? Separate the two types? Could it be a future upgrade?
The global transition setting for EasyWorship is like EasyWorship 2009.
Click on the edit menu.
Click on options.
Click on transition.
Select the transition you wish to use.
Right now the song to song transition and slide to slide transition are the same.
They are not separated like EasyWorship 2009.
Is this what you are having an issue with?
I can easily find the global transition in 2009 but I am only able to set transitions in each individual song in 6. This is not conducive to an easy transition from '09 to 6! As big as our database is, to have to go into each individual song would just be worth us using EW2009!
Sorry, it was late. The song transition is the one missing.

In EW6 there is also an option to change the transitions globally, same as 2009.
In EW2009 slide transition was set globally along with song, logo, black and blank. In EW6 slide transition setting is in theme or song. Another case of flexibility trumping ease of use. For song lyrics I found all other transitions except Blend to be distracting. However presentation and scripture slides might benefit from the other styles.
Hum, this is more or less the same way it was in 2009. If you drag an item to the schedule, go into EDIT:OPTIONS:TRANSITIONS and change the transition, all the items in the schedule, that you have not overridden, will have the new transition.

If you drag a theme or select a theme that you had already overridden the transition on, then the schedule will be using that transition instead.

Can you clarify?
Using a default song theme can do this.