[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint Files causing Easy Worship to crash


Whenever I open a powerpoint file Easy Worship will take a long time to Go Live but once it does, the thumbnails load the powerpoints but on the Go Live screen its just black. After a while I get an error message saying "Access violation at address 00A76E40 in module 'Easyworship.exe'. Read of address 00000120". I get similar error messages when I just want to go to the options window. Is there a fix coming soon because it is becoming a huge hassle to be using Easy Worship because it is unable to use powerpoint files.

I am already on the most updated version of Easy Worship and don't know what to do.

You might try changing the PowerPoint Viewer and/or Full PowerPoint Application options under EDIT > OPTIONS > ADVANCED.
6.1.7 we made a lot of changes to PowerPoint support.
6.1.9 also included some fixes for PowerPoint.

The level of support we include for PowerPoint is a nice feature, but unfortunately, we are always fighting a moving target we have no control over. If you still have the access violation in 6.1.9, contact support and we can figure it out for you.