[v6 General Discussion] Unable to upload or use PowerPoint slides in 6.1.8

I uploaded the newest version of EasyWorship 6 (1. at my church on Tuesday. When we went to try it out on Saturday, we were unable to upload or use any PowerPoint files (this was working before). The uploaded files had a triangle with exclamation mark in the icon and could not be used.

I'm testing it at home on my laptop and strangely enough, it's working; however these PowerPoint files were previously loaded.

Do you have a full version of PowerPoint on the computer?
Click on edit, options, advanced and try toggling the option to use PowerPoint viewer and see if it behaves any better.
What version of Windows is on this computer?
Roger, I'm not at the church right now, but the computer is new (purchased in the last 3 months) so I assume it has Windows 8 and the full PowerPoint program. I'm planning to go in to the church tomorrow so I'll give it a try.
It's possible that the computer might have had a trial version of office installed and the trial ran out.
PowerPoint is still working... they used it on Sunday during the service.
I am at my church now and tried to use the PowerPoint Viewer and that didn't work either. We are using Windows 7 Home Premium and PowerPoint 2013. I've just discovered that if we save our PowerPoint presentations as 97-2003 or Show files, I'm able to import the PP files. It seems counter-productive to go back to an earlier version, so saving as Show files seems to make the most sense to me. Your thoughts?
I sent you an email requesting a remote control session.
Rodger, I have just downloaded version 6.1.9 and it seems to have fixed the issue. I am now able to import PowerPoint presentations without having to resort to saving as a Show or 97-2003 file.
I have also installed the 6.1.9 (demo) version, but I still do have this powerpoint problem. The use of powerpoint is important for our services, while we have a lot of music notations made in powerpoint. Maybe the problem has something to do with the installation of the demo version (without transferring our database), because I have a lot of other problems: when I make a new song, it will not appear in its resource tab. When I close Easyworship and start over again, the new song is suddenly there (together with 10 other attempts)! The same happens with Themes. But the opposite is also happening: when I make new folders under "collections", these have dissapeared the next time I start Easyworship!
Rodger, subsequent to my last post, I'm again having problems uploading PowerPoint files to EW (6.1.9). Saving PP files into an earlier version or as a Show also does not help.
I tried using PowerPoint Viewer and it worked to upload PP files (EW 6.1.9). The only issue is that the thumbnail in the Schedule area is blank.

Please ensure that this is fixed at some point so that we don't have to use PowerPoint Viewer. Thanks.
Have you downloaded 6.2.0? Curious if this fixed the problem you're experiencing?
Yes, I just downloaded 6.2.1 and it didn't "fix" the issue but the workaround is still to use PowerPoint Viewer (edit, options, advanced). I'm able to upload PowerPoint files; just can't see a thumbnail when brought into the Schedule area.
I am using version 6.7.14 and am locked out of all versions of Powerpoint. Is this an Office 365 compatibility issue?
Usually there is a problem with office. EW6 will work with office 365. See this article.