[v6 General Discussion] Windows User Profiles on Domain Network

I was wondering if anyone has come across the issue of installing Easyworship 6 on a domain networked workstation and then having various users access Easyworship from their individual MS Windows 7 user profile and finding that it cannot access the database of songs etc.? The only work around I can find for this is to create a generic log on or user profile that all operators use. Of course this causes them to loose connectivity with there personal shared resources stored in their profile. Any thoughts? I am aware of other software packages that address this by the install routine that allows all users to access within their individual profiles, so there is a solution. I know we are a minority, thought I'd ask though.

I'll give it a try, thank you.
Make sure that the profile folder and all files inside allow full access to Authenticated users.
That should be all you need to make it work.
EasyWorship 6.1.8 should check the permissions and apply the appropriate permissions if possible.