[v6 General Discussion] Importing songs from a saved schedule

I currently create our Sunday schedule on my home computer and bring the saved schedule on a memory stick to church, loading it from there to the church's computer before the service. I then save the schedule to the church computer as well. With Easy Worship 2009, somewhere in the aforementioned process any 'new' songs would be saved to the church computer's EW2009 database. Since transitioning to EW6, I've noticed that this no longer occurs. Is there a setting anywhere that I can adjust to cause EW6 to add unknown songs to it's database? Or at least give me the option of adding them?

Thanks in advance...

Feature not implemented in EW6. Only way is to copy and paste text into new song; you'll need to know whether it's actually not already in database.Titles are not unique so you can a second song with same title.
Thanks. That was a feature of EW2009 that was nice to have, sorry to hear they didn't bring it forward.
This function is coming. It's just not ready yet to release.
Any update on when this feature will be added back? Having to copy and paste or reimport the lyrics from a Word file from one computer to another is very time consuming. We have one computer for front of church and one for singers to view in back and are adding new songs almost weekly. Typed five in this week.

This feature was already available in version 6 ?