[v6 General Discussion] LibreOffice

Does EW6 support www.libreoffice.org ?

I'm looking for a substitute of Microsoft's.

I've tryed open .ppt files, but I got no answer of EW6.
Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
I thought they were thinking of a PowerPoint substitute. I use Notepad++ ([url:w3l9lc6v]http://notepad-plus-plus.org/) for my text editing needs, flexible and lightweight compared to a word processor.
PowerPoint 2013 has Paste Special too. Just need to add it from the list of commands.
I have used LibreOffice for over 5 years now and started using EW with version 2007. The only "problem" I've noted was a slight difference in rendering of some "specialty" fonts. Other than that I've had no problems at all. I have the settings in LibreOffice set to default to Microsoft compatibility. The viewer that was mentioned is a free download from Microsoft. One other plus to using LibreOffice is it's "Paste-Special" feature. It allows you to paste without having formatting characters (text only) which seems to help when building songs via copy / paste. Saves using Notepad to strip those characters out.
EW6 uses either PowerPoint Program or Viewer to display the PowerPoint presentation. Without either program it can't display PowerPoint file.
Should I need Microsoft's only for codec or certification? Because in LibreOffice, I can save .ppt files.
As long as presentation is saved in PowerPoint format and can be handled by PowerPoint Viewer. But officially probably not.