[v6 General Discussion] song background set for all songs

Latest update 1.7 and maybe one before that took away ability to right click on an image in the resource area and select set as song background. Now the only set as I see is set as Logo. Has that function moved somewhere else besides the resource area for images or videos? I've checked the EW 6 manual and what it says to do to set a background for al slides is what I'm doing but option just is not there.
I hope it is there somewhere and I've just missed it. I don't want to have to set the background for every song or scripture.

That functionality has been change to be more consistent with themes and how 2009 backgrounds worked. To set an image/video as a background you can right click and select copy to theme. Then once it's converted to a theme you can set it to be a default for song, scripture or presentation.
I just tried that and it did not work. I restarted EW and it still did not work. Any other guesses.
Keep in mind this does not update the schedule, it will only affect what is in the database and any new item you add to the schedule.
So you cannot update backgrounds globally after the schedule is created? Does that sound like a good thing to the coders?
What is missing is capability that was in EW2009 to update schedule from database song editor and to update database from schedule items that have changed. I wouldn't want an automatic update; what if schedule contained a special one-time version and it got changed automatically? Probably user frustration.
But I'm not wanting to update anything in the data base. Our schedule is created in the music office then saved to the control room computer and comes to there over the network. The music office creates the schedule with black background and I used to could select a global background for all songs in the schedule with one click of a mouse button but now I'm going to have to drag and drop a background to every song in the schedule or use the black background sent over the network to the control room.
I understand wanting to keep a specific background for a specific song but that is seldom how we did things. Getting more and more frustrated with software as we go along.
So what is synchronized between office and presentation computers? Song database? Media? Just schedules? We prefer to have up-to-date songs and media in worship hall, in case there is a need to improvise during a service.

I know everyone has a different procedure for creating and showing schedules. We synchronize everything using Dropbox, since schedules are created at home by different members of media team, because using flash drives became unwieldy fast. It took planning to make sure media used at home worked at church. While that's not a problem with EW6 because it includes media in schedule with no way to opt out; but that's a whole other issue. EW6 has made it harder to build schedules at home for us.

If you're changing all song to same background it has gone from 10 seconds to 1 minute (8 items). Perhaps they can create a schedule theme that can apply to an entire schedule.
Morning service had around thirty slides counting scripture text for pastor sermon so it is not from one click to one minute here. Nothing is synchronized between computers. All the music office sends up to the control room is the schedule as the ministry staff has selected including slides for each moment of the service including the scriptures the pastor has chosen which could itself be as many as twenty slides depending on his topic.
I think we can just say the way we do things is not going to be the way others do things. For instance we can't use the same data base as the one in the music office. The worship pastor wants his database to reflect how he usually would have the congregation singing songs. If he never uses but one verse of amazing grace he sees no need in having all the other verses in the data base because that is all he ever uses. However many times others will come to lead music for funerals or other events and they might want to use those other verses. If we synced data bases those other verses wouldn't be on the projection computer and would have to be typed in each time or downloaded from Song Select. That has worked well for us since our first use of projection. It's just the way we do things and this feature is going to be a hassle in our situation.
The old EW covered our needs. The new doesn't do that so well. That's all I'm saying.
I too have this issue. Sometimes I create a schedule and the pastor wants to change the image in the background. Shouldn't I be able to change the theme and have the entire schedule auto-update, like in 2009 where you set the default background image? It is very annoying to have to either remove a song from the schedule and reselect it or to drag and drop the image over every item in the schedule. Please give us another option, or go back to the way it was.
I have this issue too - sometimes we complete the schedule before we have all the background art finished. There needs to be a way to update all song backgrounds at one time in a schedule. Make it a schedule theme or something. But dragging and dropping over and over is not efficient - especially if you end up dropping in the wrong place.