[v6 General Discussion] EW6 build 6.1.7

A minor problem - the Themes tab in the resource area is cut off - it now reads "The".
I'm also a bit intrigued by the behavior of the Live Output panel when the mouse is dragged left or right along the vacant part of the resource panel header!
Still no thumbnail for Powerpoints in schedule area. Building slide thumbnail;s for songs still a bit slow. Haven't had a chance to try out much else yet.

I had the same thing with powerpoint thumbnails but v6.1.7 has fixed it.
You have to delete the powerpoint and re-import it for the fix to work or the black slides remain.
All OK here, and no odd effects when the mouse is over a blank area of the resources header. 'Themes' spelt out in full.
Windows 7, build 6.1.7.
I have the same issue. I believe it is related to having the windows software txt setting set to medium or large.
This can also be caused by your windows DPI options being set above 100%.
Our developers are aware of this and will continue to work on making EasyWorship work better on higher dpi settings.