[v6 General Discussion] bug - editing a schedule item

When the schedule contains two items of the same song, and the user edits the item within the schedule, changes are made to both items in the schedule, not just the one being edited. This only occurs on songs imported from old easyworship, new songs are unaffected. Is anyone else getting this issue / are there any fixes?

I cannot replicate this one.
What changes are you making?
just changing any part of the lyrics
If we can't get it fixed we may just have to just recreate the DB from scratch, but it would be better if we can avoid it.
Have you tried reconverting the database?
1. Open EasyWorship 6
2. Click on the profiles menu, then profile manager.
3. Select the profile you are using, (usually default).
4. Click the link next to the Instance Location.
5. When the Explorer window appears, showing you the files in the profile, you can close the profile editor and EasyWorship 6.
6. In the explorer window that appeared, open the v6.1 folder.
7. Open databases.
8. Right click on data and click on rename.
9. Change the name to data1.
10. Close the explorer window and open EasyWorship 6.
11. Allow it to convert the database.
12. You should now have the backgrounds on your songs.
Reconfiguring DB did not fix the issue.

Also got some new info: deleting a slide completly won't affect other items, but changing words within a slide will affect the slide on other items

I can confirm this is happening. Added converted song twice, added a word to first instance and it appears in second copy. Then deleted that slide in second instance and it remains in first. Added a word to another slide and second instance gets word also.

Edits in either copy reflected in the other one; slide deletions are not.

Added new song with same words as converted song, imported from text file, and edits are not being made in other instance.

NOTE: New song didn't have blank line separating lines on slide so I added but when saved they are converted into slide separators. When I use the Schedule editor they remain as blank lines.

UPDATE: I used Ctrl-Enter to add a new slide to each item and neither was reflected in the other instance. So it's only edits to existing slides that get copied; which is even weirder.