[v6 General Discussion] Helper hung on one file

Having performance issues with EW6. The tooltray helper program is hogging resources. I get the spinning circle and video and audio playback is broken up. I looked at processes from the helper, and it is hung on reading a PowerPoint file. I shut down the helper, and deleted the PP file, and when the helper is restarted, it displays the same process of reading that file (which now no longer exists) and continues to hog resources.

From what I've read here, I question the need for this helper in my situation, and have exited it and then playback seems normal. At various times of using EW6, the helper is restarted and my woes begin again.

What can I do to fix this, and can I unload the helper completely?


This is not related. EasyWorship is probably stuck on one of your powerpoint slideshows.
You can open helper from the system tray next to the time.

Look at the file name it's stuck on, Press the stop button on helper, then browse to c:userspublicpublic documentssoftoucheasyworshipdefault
esourcespresentations and remove that file.

I would like a copy of your 2009 data folder zipped up and emailed to support@easyworship.com to see if we can see why the first slides are blank after conversion.
If it's a large file, please share it via dropbox or another cloud service.
Just jumped from Easy Worship 2009 to EW7. Having issues with the "spinning circle" running all the time and flashing. I've discovered if I open Task Manager (Windows 7 Professional) and end process Easy Worship Helper, the flashing spinning circle stops and I don't notice any changes in the way EW works.

That said, I have had issues with songs. Several times the very first slide of the song has disappeared when going into presentation mode and once the slides displayed as black. Is this related?


If you delete the file, and the helper is still trying to access it, right click on helper and exit and exit EasyWorship, then open EasyWorship it shouldn't be trying to access that file.
The next build will handle PowerPoint much better, so hopefully the next update will take care of all of this for you. It should be out fairly soon.
Guess I will talk to myself... in the hopes it might help others who experience the same problem. I found a couple of files sitting in the Presentations section of EW6. Have no idea how they got there, or what was wrong with it, but one was apparently what the Helper was hung up on. So now the Helper is no longer hogging resources.