[v6 General Discussion] Print Schedule (Detailed)

Having installed EasyWorship 6 last week and had a good work through it, I think it is great. Some of the new features are going to really benefit us (just waiting for Cloud support now!).

The big issue I have which is stopping me putting it on all our machines and using it for services is that I can't print a detailed schedule. We have quite a few older people in our church we need print outs for them. Is it hidden somewhere I can't find it, or will it be coming out in an update soon?

Many thanks!

The print schedule details will only print text that's in the words view. If the text is only on the slide as a text box element and not song text, it will not appear in the schedule details.
Hi. When I go to print out a schedule the song lyrics come up, but none of the words of presentation files I've created, such as a creed or the Lord's prayer come up, just the title.

Any solutions?
I'll add this as a feature request. Currently it prints one song or schedule item per page.
For now, you can save it as a pdf document and print it from adobe reader as multiple pages on one sheet of paper.
I believe the Print Schedule (Details) are back, but it's single slide per page which would be a waste of printing space for a number of slides. Would printing be updated such that we could print it in some other manner, like having 6 slides per page with the formatting as per slide instead of what is currently available?
This is on the list of features to be added. At this time, i'm not sure exactly when this will be available.
We need that to, for a blind couple who load it into their braille readers.