[v6 General Discussion] Font sizing - a mind of its own ...

Trying to set up a song theme to use as default. Want Trebuchet 60pt. EW insists on changing 60pt to 43pt every time. 72 becomes 52, 48 becomes 35. Why? This happens when set in "Inspector" and also when set in the theme edit first page. Inspector is set to not autosize text but it still insists on changing the font size to these apparently random sizes. Have song font size set to 60pt in global options - but that doesn't seem to affect anything. The only way to get the required size to stick is via song editor, one song, one verse at a time. Any ideas anyone?

Sorry, no idea. I've always left font sizing well alone as I have never understood it.
What happens if you set it too big? Do you lose the last line off the end of the screen or does it refuse to accept yur suggestion?
The only way I can get a font size to stick is via song editor where I have to set it for each slide separately - tedious. If it is set too big the words go off the screen at the top and the bottom.
We hope to have this issue resolved in the next released that is due out fairly soon.