[v6 General Discussion] Missing background images

We've just upgraded to EW6 from 2009. After a bit of messing around I managed to import my very extensive database... and discovered to my dismay that NONE of the background images are present. This is a real drop as I've built it up over the last three years and I have literally hundreds of prayers etc with background images...

I've copied all the images into the new resource folder and restarted the computer and easy worship - to no avail.
Any help gratefully appreciated.

This could be a blessing in disguise!

Can you import images? Go to your image collection and click on the + sign at the bottom. If you have your images in several folders then you might be able to import them one folder at a time into a suitably named collection.
EW6 uses the same Resource folder as EW2009 so there is no actual conversion of media files.

Songs, on the other hand, are converted as they migrate into the new database. If the background path has changed from when it was added or the path is not found then the conversion doesn't bring the song's background over. In my database this happened for only 15 of 300 songs.

Note: I noticed early on that EW2009 (as does EW6) uses the resource's actual path and not the Resource folder. I didn't want to keep actual media files in the C:UsersPublic... folder since the C: drive might have limited storage (older system or newer SSD). So I used the SUBST command, actually a registry modification, to create an M: drive pointing to either C: or D:. That way all my Resource shortcuts use M: so they work on any computer. It's the computer geek in me.
I just found this under the "Common Questions" thread

How to reconvert your 2009/2007 Database to get backgrounds back

The first three builds of EasyWorship 6 did not convert the backgrounds to the songs. This was fixed in build 1.4. You can reconvert your database and the backgrounds will convert with the songs.
1. Open EasyWorship 6
2. Click on the profiles menu, then profile manager.
3. Select the profile you are using, (usually default).
4. Click the link next to the Instance Location.
5. When the Explorer window appears, showing you the files in the profile, you can close the profile editor and EasyWorship 6.
6. In the explorer window that appeared, open the v6.1 folder.
7. Open databases.
8. Right click on data and click on rename.
9. Change the name to data1.
10. Close the explorer window and open EasyWorship 6.
11. Allow it to convert the database.
12. You should now have the backgrounds on your songs.

You’ll also notice any backgrounds you had in the background area have been loaded into themes.
Thanks for the replies.
I copied all the image files from their original folder to the Resources folder when I realised I didn't have any backgrounds. It didn't make any difference. And I'm probably being dense, but I can't see where to change the path?