[v6 General Discussion] EW6 performance issue


at the beginning I would like to say thank you for great ministry with EasyWorship software. We are happy using EW 2009 in our Church and I'm currently evaluating new EW 6 for possible upgrade in near future, which lead me to this subject...

While I was evaluating EW6, I have noticed very high CPU usage and I just tested it on single laptop screen:

After while I got also very high CPU temperature which went back to normal after I quit EW6. It is hard to believe that this is standard behaviour and I can't really imagine how it will be working when we are usually streaming 2-3 screens at once + when I tried video preview during streaming, performance wen really down and live streaming started to lagging. What wondered me was that GPU seems to be unused while streaming, which I think is more suitable for performance. I also did not find any optimalization settings for streaming.

So my question is if there is planned some performance optimalization for next releases, or is this issue specific for my hardware configuration?

I'm looking forward for your response. If necessary I can provide more hardware information.


Thank you for response and good questions I think issue was integrated graphics which was chosen implicitly by auto-select. It is true that I have switchable graphics card and I can choose between nVidia GeForce GT 740M and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. When I manually switch to nVidia Geforge, performance was good and EW usage was stable around 30%. When I switched back to auto-select, or manually switched to integrated graphics, EasyWorship started to lag a lot and CPU (Intel i5 Core 2-Duo 2,50 GHz) was fully used (EW usage was oscilating between 30~60%) and soon CPU went to very high temperature, similar as seen in screenshot from previous post.
Do you have your switchable graphics setup to use the nvidia graphics card?
Which cpu do you have? CPU usage can vary depending on the CPU you have.
I also see that chrome is using about 25% of the cpu and the system was using 17%
How much cpu do you think EasyWorship should use while rendering multiple videos for you at the same time?
We will be looking peformance of course, but 36% is not crazy high for the work it's doing.
You could possibly see the same with EasyWorship 2009 when rendering a video at 1080p.