[v6 General Discussion] Hows to paste song words without formatting

I am new to Easy Worship and am in the process of importing a collection of song words which are in the rtf format. When I copy and paste the text from Word into the song editor some of the formatting is carried across, including the colour - it pastes black text onto the black background.

Is there a way to paste the text without formatting? I have tried using the import function but that also imports the colour formatting. I can obviously change the colour fairly easily, but with over 100 songs to import it is going to be quite irritating chaning it for every verse.


Have you tried going via Notepad which removes all formatting?
Thanks Keith, going via notepad gets around the issue for now.

Devs: It would still be nice to be able to copy and paste directly without formatting - please can this be looked at for a future update?