[v6 General Discussion] Build 1.6 - Startup Errors

After installing Build 1.6 I now get an occasional error when I open EW6. This happens with or without EW Helper running and I have Live output turned off on Startup. I occasionally also get an Access Violation error. In Build 1.5 I didn't get these errors on startup except when EW6 was unexpectedly closed or ended. I cannot pinpoint an exact cause during dozens of launches it would not report an error every time even with same conditions.

I'm getting the same error on start up on Windows 8 i5 4GB of memory. Jerod please advise when the fix is available.
Just got EW 6.1.6 loaded and registered and EW will open splash screen and then "Easy Worship has stopped working and must close". This is on a new pc running Win 8, i5, 3.2 GHz, 8 GB ram. Should be more than enough horsepower. The church that this goes to is running EW 2007 on a clunker but no issues other than videos.
Has anyone seen this before?

[color=#FF8040:2dczqj1o]Followup: I uninstalled QuickTime and then re-downloaded and installed and error went away. I did not have this issue with my church's PC which I upgraded to EW6 from 2009 last week. I wonder if it occurs on a PC that has no previous versions of EW???[/color:2dczqj1o]

Thanks in advance
My anticipation is pretty much gone now, 4 years is an awfully long time to wait. We've been an EasyWorship church for 13 years now, and until this version I was really happy, but the speed of development is glacial.

I'm wondering whether it's time to jump at this point. Most of the features I thought were missing are not in the list for EW6 anyway and what we loved already is either missing or harder to use in v6. There's free options that are nearly as good and gaining fast or options that are streets ahead and not much more expensive.
We have identified this and it's actually a bug in the development environment (Delphi) that we are using. A fix should be coming in the next build.
I purchased upgrade from EW2009 to EW6 to avail of the time limited discount. I have had many of the problems detailed on this and other threads. I have decided to continue to use EW2009 until EW6 issues are sorted. In it's present form I can work around some of the problems however other occasional users would not be able to run a worship service.
Waiting with anticipation.
I've had these errors constantly on every release of EW6 I've installed. Right from the alpha's through to now, multiple machines, clean installs, upgrades, the lot.

I've installed it on the main PC at church, but not told anyone about it because it's basically unusable.

To be honest, after a 4 year wait it's huge disappintment. Unfinished and unusable as far as I can see. It's main redeeming feature is that it doesn't break 2009 when you install it.
I am also getting these errors - seemingly after adding to the song database. It happens on two different PCs. Often after these errors the "Live" pane is black and there is no live feed to the external monitor. The only solution I have found so far is to back up all the data files, Presentations etc, uninstall and reinstall EW6. Done this three times now. Hopefully it will not do this on Sunday. EW6 - on a wing and a prayer!
Encountered some of these errors and after editing a lot of songs, I get out of windows handles error too.

Sounds like there a number of exceptions not taken care of, and also the release of resources/handles are not properly taken care of.