[v6 General Discussion] Theme Library

It would save people a lot of work if there was a set of themes we could simply import and use.

e.g. based on the free images that are available.

Perhaps we need a forum area where users can upload free to use themes / media / songs.

Thanks for catching this.
I'll add it to the bug list.
Build 6.1.5

Select Song
Click Compose
Click on Themes Tab
Select a theme. Enter to apply to song (or double click theme thumbnail)
Click "Go Live" Triangle

Song does NOT go live. Nothing seems to happen.

Known bug ?

I know that 6.1.5 included a fix to prevent Go Live with just a theme - Thus preventing the congregation singing Song Text Line One etc...
but has this now caused the above problem ?

(Clicking + symbol DOES send song to schedule)
The EasyWorship demo song installer installs some demo themes.
This installer will replace any songs that you have added in the default profile.
Here is the link to it.
https://easyworship.com/downloads/Utili ... oSongs.exe