[v6 General Discussion] Preview pane

I'm trying to configure EW 6, and I can't seem to find a way to have a preview pane to see what's coming up in the schedule. Can someone enlighten my stupidity? I can't seem to find it the manual, or on the youtube channel...


The preview pane is DEFINITELY STILL THERE!

1). Click on VIEW
3). That's it!
Although the traditional preview pane is not present, We found a fairly easy workaround. If you expand the upcoming song/presentation in the schedule (using the right facing arrow), you can scroll and highlight the appropriate slide that you want to have be the first slide when that song is promoted to 'live'. That process is working well for us.
Yes, there is more scrolling involved because of all of the slides for a particular song, but it is a pretty workable solution.
The missing preview pane is a HUGE deal for us and I suspect others.

It's ridiculous that you can't see what you're putting up live before you put it up. Sometimes we need to start a song from a point other than the very first slide, we also have "songs" that are really groups of notes for display in service and we need to be able to find the correct slide to display BEFORE putting it up. I was excited that EW6 has a "presentation" section where we can easily edit and create presentations which will allow us to separate these notes from songs in a more logical way, but it's useless if we can't preview the slides the way that we were able to before. That little preview in the lower right hand corner when you select something doesn't help because you can't scroll through it quickly and easily.

This was just extremely disappointing to purchase this only to find that a key feature is missing. Presentation software by its very nature NEEDS a preview element. This thing might as well still be in BETA it's a total bait and switch.
I don't see the need to rush back to the little advance arrow. Nice to have it but the easiest way to advance to the next slide would be to click it in the centre pane, or use the down arrow on the keyboard. No need to whizz around the screen. And if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use that to scroll so even less mouse movement is needed.
I think one thing that would majorly help and no need for a preview pane is an auto scroll feature in the center pane. When I amin a song, I can't see what the next slide is without going to the center pane, scrolling, and then rushing my mouse back to advance. I love the advance feature, but not seeing next slide hinders, and in some ops at my church created some anxiety.
We are working on a solution for the missing preview pane.
So after using 6 for a couple of services we seem fine with no preview, being able to expand in the schedule works well for us! Except for videos. Is there a way to preview them?
2009 WAS and IS a very good program. There really was nothing wrong with it other than the inability to change slides/video, which is what was keeping EW behind Brand-X. A lot of people in our area switched to Pro Presenter when their new version came out, just because of that. So EW HAD to do this. Like you, I wish they'd have left the desktop arrangement alone.

That said, I do think I like the new database arrangement, and I think it will be easier to maintain. I ALWAYS had trouble keeping our files straightened out in 2009, with four other people running the software and importing things besides me. I must have rebuilt the Profile three times.

I am trying this arrangement, creating "Collections" under the COLLECTIONS tab for our songs:

Black Slide
Communion Stills
Welcome Slides
Worship Songs

My volunteers already say they like the ease of access to the slides and videos over 2009.

I think a lot of folk will be staying with EW2009 until several issues are fixed. Some may even be tempted to upgrade while the $49 offer is available but that still won't mean that they actually use the new version. I'm tempted to run EW6 simply to make use of the better search facilities but to stay with EW2009 for any real projection.
Apart from the search, and different backgrounds for different verses, is there anything that EW6 does better? (OK we don't use the slide builder!)
I think that the team are finding that EW2009 is such a good product that it is very difficult to improve it in one area without making it poorer in others.

But don't let this stop them trying to prove me wrong!
Yup, sorry. The center preview pane is ... GONE!!! All we can do for now is click the black arrow next to the song in the schedule and preview it that way. Oh, and have your magnifying glasses on.

I HOPE, as do many other people, that the old arrangement will come back at least as an option someday. This is why I think the EW crew live in a lab rather than a real sanctuary on Sunday morning. They need to get out and see how we really use their software.
If you do find it you'll be the first. That feature didn't make it to EW6, for now at least.