[v6 General Discussion] could not convert variant of type (olestr) into type...

First install of Easyworship 6.1.3 on a fresh built PC ; win8.1 x64.

Getting this:
"could not convert variant of type (olestr) into type (double)"

Switching regional options from French (Canada) to English (Canada) seems to fix the issue.
I've reported that bug in the very first ALPHA version. Never got any feedback, and but is still present in version 6.1.3
I'm a programmer... Must be a confusion between "." and "," Usually easy to fix.

Thank you,

We have reported this as a bug to our developers.
You can change your windows settings to us english to allow it to convert the database and then change the language back and see how it works.
I'm having the same trouble here. I tried putting all the setting in English and opening Easyworship and I'm getting the same "Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Double). On top of that when entering song, often the "," "!" get higher on the line than the rest of the sentence. It also does that for some words in the sentence. We use it in French for our songs.

thanks for the help!