[v6 General Discussion] Verse/chorus label not recognised

I've turned off the option to display verse/chorus labels in options. Most of the time it works fine. It seems, however, that it requires the label either to be the first line of the song or to follow a blank line. A great many of my songs, imported from someone else so I don't have them as plain text, have the song number as the first line immediately followed on the second line by "Verse 1" or something like that. These were correctly recognised as verse labels in EW 2009 but are not recognised in EW 6 and therefore appear on the screen.


Is there any way to make EW 6 recognise these as verse labels so that they don't appear on the screen, or is there any way to bulk edit songs in EW 6, or is there any way to bulk extract songs from the database so that I can use Perl to do the bulk editing outside EW? I've probably got about 1500 of these, so hand-editing in EW 6 is just not going to happen


I have the same import problem.
Only labels on the top line in EW2009 are seen as labels in EW6.
Can the database converter be modified to see any EW2009 label as an EW6 label wherever it is in the song and EW6 made to recognise a label that isn't on the top line of a slide.
I think this is a problem caused by the fact that one can have mutli-line labels in EW6, whereas one couldn't in previous versions.
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that also matches, for example, a title containing "< H&P 1 >" so it doesn't select only the ones that contain only digits between the brackets. Could this please go on the wish list for a future version, please?