[v6 General Discussion] summary view, and keyboard shortcuts

hi there,
i just want to know if summary view as well as keyboard shortcuts for verse, pre-chours, chorus, and bridge still exists on version 6?

thank you

In middle section click on icon in upper right (Views) and choose Ledger View, not quite Summary but close.

Hotkeys not enabled, yet.
Whatever way you set EW6 it doesn't provide the old summary view.
I've bought EW6 and it won't be getting used at church in the present format.
The old summary view is what made EasyWorship Easy.
Thanks for the feedback.
The hotkeys have been added in the latest build.
I'll add the summary view as a feature requested.
Yes please!

Where can we find this list of shortcuts and how can I change or add one (in registry or ini-file)? In EW2009 I had to add 2 extra shortcuts to make our Logitech Presenter working. I need to get this presenter working again in EW6
The info for changing the hotkeys is in the following article.
Did the Summary View get added in any recent updates?
I just upgraded from EW 2009 and really miss the Summary View.
The summary view has been available for quite some time.
[attachment=0:9fym2tyl]Screenshot 2017-09-22 16.49.07.png[/attachment:9fym2tyl]