[v7 General Discussion] OBS is not capturing EasyWorship 6 and 7 output

I'm currently encountering issues in adding my EasyWorship 6 or EasyWorship 7 output to OBS. After I click on Windows Capture, I only see the EasyWorship interface as an option and not the output. Can someone help Please?

You have to configure OBS to capture the Windows that the output is displaying to. I normally find it easier to to use Display Capture to capture the monitor, TV, or projector EW is outputing to.

I'm having this exact same problem, and when I select Display Capture, it just shows me a blank grey screen, I don't get either the EasyWorship control display (the user display) or the live display (what I would want to stream through OBS).

the YouTube video makes it look so easy!
It is easy. But the issue is more of an OBS issue (like 95%) than and EW issue. You would be better off looking on the OBS forums or FB Groups for assistance with it.