[v7 General Discussion] OBS is not capturing EasyWorship 6 and 7 output

I'm currently encountering issues in adding my EasyWorship 6 or EasyWorship 7 output to OBS. After I click on Windows Capture, I only see the EasyWorship interface as an option and not the output. Can someone help Please?

It is easy. But the issue is more of an OBS issue (like 95%) than and EW issue. You would be better off looking on the OBS forums or FB Groups for assistance with it.
I'm having this exact same problem, and when I select Display Capture, it just shows me a blank grey screen, I don't get either the EasyWorship control display (the user display) or the live display (what I would want to stream through OBS).

the YouTube video makes it look so easy!
You have to configure OBS to capture the Windows that the output is displaying to. I normally find it easier to to use Display Capture to capture the monitor, TV, or projector EW is outputing to.