[v7 General Discussion] Displaying Easyworship7 on Zoom

I am trying to work out how i can include run a schedule in a live Zoom session. I have the schedule in the background of my PC and i start as host the Zoom meeting but the problem occurs ... if i share my screen in Zoom I get the choice of windows to share so i choose the one with EW in but if I go live with EW it stays sharing the set up schedule screen. If I oipen a schedule in EW and go live i then can not see my Zoom controls as the EW screen fills my screen. Apologies if this is not a clear explanation/ Does anybodybody know the correct order of events for me to take please

When I used Zoom when we weren't meeting physically, I used the share an area of your screen. You can resize the area you want to share and just share the live output on the right side of your EW screen. That was the easiest thing for me.
My Church is livestreaming but my brothers church is doing Zoom. I helped him set it all up.

We set up three screens.

EW control screen runs on one, EW output on the second and Zoom on the third. You then, in Zoom, Share the EW output screen and use EW as normal with all EW output going to Zoom. I think you could do it with Two Screen- EW and Zoom side by side on screen 1. We also have a camera connected to EW via a capture card so they can include live video in the zoom output.

(You could also use a USB capture device there are plenty of these that works with EW) which captures a camera feed. That feed is used as a background (Theme) which then allows song words to be placed over the live video so these at home can sing along with the one or two singers in the church. So, Using EW as a video switcher, song words projection, PP projection etc. the audience at home can see and hear the entire Zoomed church service.
I have not tried it but it may be worth trying the EW7 phone app.
I've not tried it but it may be worth seeing if the EW7 phone app will help you
What I have successfully done is to use the phone app to change from one verse to another while the main EW screen was in the middle of a song edit and that worked fine.