Controlling a Digital Mixer with MIDI

Seems like this was posted over 3 years ago but without implementation, so I'm posting again.

It would be WONDERFUL if EasyWorship could, using MIDI, control other devices (rather than only being controlled BY other devices).  For example.  We have a Behringer x32 mixer with MIDI.  Say a slide in EW is live.  It'd be nice if a channel on the x32 could be muted, unmuted, the volume changed, etc, based on the slide's configuration.  Our board also utilizes NDI and has USB.  Perhaps a USB or NDI cue could be used instead of MIDI.??  MIDI seems like it would work the best.

We have volunteers running our booth (we're not a multi-million dollar budget church that can afford multiple full-time staff persons).  Volunteers do a fine job, but they forget things sometimes.  I keep my tablet up with me in the chancel, just in case a channel on the board is accidently overlooked, or a slide in EW isn't advanced, but I have enough to do without having to worry about this stuff too.  Having MIDI control our board through EW would be a great feature and I expect well-used by other churches in our situation as well.

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This can also help to control a video mixer. Or maybe camera's.

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