Request for Global Setting of Default MP3 Import: Single Play or Looping

This is a request to create an option to define the default behavior for audio and video imports.  Currently there is no way to change the default behavior from looping.  Now that we are online I import many recorded audio files into EasyWorship 7 and they all default to looping.  The request is to allow the default behavior to be single play or looping at the user option.  

How would you like the feature to work?

One place this could go is under Edit-Options-Advanced and create a new section for Media Imports (audio and video).  A selection button would allow the choice of a default for both.

Why is this feature important to you?

My mp3 imports are song leader recordings that are attached to lyrics.  Every week there are a half-dozen audio imports and they always default to looping.  Each has to be set individually to single play, and if I miss one it will disrupt the service.  Not having to worry about this each week will be a benefit.

Thank you

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