Using Easyworship 7 with live-streaming

We want to send the Easyworship output to our vMIX system as a lower third for live steaming to the scattered church. We also want to use the same lower third on screen in the church, but we want to use a different background in the sanctuary. Please can you advise how to do this. 

The 2 systems are connected over NDI, we can send the vMIX output to Easyworship but without the lower 3rd. We can send the lower third from Easyworship to vMIX and chroma key to deliver transparency on the live stream, but we have not been able to replicate that over a static image in the sanctuary at the same time. 

Our only option appears to be to export all our song database as overlays in vMIX and then use Easyworship for local projector management only... but there are cheaper ways to achieve that. 

Any advice would be gratefully recieved. 

Many thanks 


Newbury Baptist Church UK. 

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