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Samoan bible

I totally agree I just bought the full version of Easyworship 7 and since our church is mostly our samoan people it would be a big help in our samoan community and congregations even for small samoan fellowships, seminars etc. Please can we have a samoan Bible to use on Easyworship. Stay blessed

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The idea of having a samoan bible version on easy worship would be a lot of help. Maybe there is another way we can have the Samoa bible version adapted from another application, or we can sync the version of Samoan from another source into easy worship. Just to be fair because we too are purchasing the same program as the others as well.

Please provide some contact information for a publisher of a Samoan Bible.

Publisher - Bible Society of the South Pacific. 

Version - O LE TUSI PAIA (SOV)

After all these years and still no samoan bible version? If there is can someone please let me know. Our church has many samoan elders and it would be awesome to cater to them as well.

If no one can provide contact information for the Bible, the request will be removed.

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Contact Information As Follow

Physical Address - Lot 8-10, Luke Street; Nabua Fiji Islands

Work Hours - Email:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4.30pm
Weekend Bookshop Only : 9am – 2pm

Phone Numbers - Office Hours
(+649) 7733988
(+679) 3383988

Publisher - Bible Society of the South Pacific

Publisher - Bible Society of the South Pacific

Physical Address - Lot 8-10; Luke Street, Nabua Fiji Islands

Work Hours Email: Monday to Friday: 8am – 4.30pm Weekend Bookshop Only : 9am – 2pm

Phone Numbers Office Hours (+649) 7733988 & (+679) 3383988

I hope there's progress in this Samoan version as we are also trying to get the same request for Samoan Bible versions, been using easy worship for a few years now and really a downfall not having the Samoan bible.
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