NDI-HX or NDI-HX2 support with UDP and FEC (forward error correction)

Dear Easy Worship,



New feature request for option to output NDI-HX or NDI-HX2 with the ability to use UDP with FEC (forward error correction) as an option.


Now that I have got EasyWorship 7 NDI stream output working on my home LAN, after fixing my LAN, I have noticed that it uses TCP as the transport layer which is not what is usually used for real-time delay sensitive services such as voice or video on IP.


I appreciate that that is what Newtek came up with first for NDI, but now that they have created NDI-HX or NDI-HX2 then I wonder if we could have this as an option to turn on?

- I think that it would have to be an option setting in addition to the NDI over TCP as today, because the NDI receiving software would have to be compatible as well.


Having this could be good for people who have low bandwidth links and maybe wireless connections rather that 1 Gigabit wired Ethernet cabling everywhere. (My wife wanted me to get rid of Ethernet cables at home. )

Happy Easter!

Blessings, Tony

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