better readable text at the remote app screen

At this moment the remote app offers functionality to control the slides as a remote presenter and it shows the slides as used in the schedule.

However, we are getting feedback that the readability of text from like songs or bible selections is very hard when using the remote app.
Looking at the 'streaming content' the stream is probably far below the 1Mb/s (SD quality) although wifi can supply easily a lot more these days to keep in real-time sync. With this feature request, I'm trying to see if this audience as a higher need for more detailed readable text on the remote app. See 2 examples attached from our apple ipad2 mini.

With this posting I'm hoping for more feedback from others that are in the need as well for better quality/readable text on the remote app?

If people have other solutions beside EW to view the remote screen instantly without delay then please let me know? It would only not cover yet control of the slides but at least we have then an alternative. 

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