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Hi EW Team, We need Hindi Bible plugins in easyworship that would help me to reach out to hung6

To my knowledge, there is not an issue with adding Hindi songs as long as you've added Hindi fonts to your computer/EasyWorship. If there is an issue that you are seeing, please send us a technical support request at Does India Bible Publishers actually own the rights to the Bibles? 

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Hi Charles, unfortunately, we have been unable to establish any contact with a Bible Society or Publisher of a Hindi Bible. If you know of a Publisher or Bible Society, I would recommend reaching out on our behalf as we have made numerous attempts to add a Hindi Bible to EasyWorship for the last 5 years.

Hi Mr.Callicoat,

Nice to see your response and effort to contact the concern. Kindly contact Mr. Parvez Baldev on +91-9971907764 from Bible Society India, I am sure he will be able to help you for Hindi as well as many more Indian Languages.

Regards Jacob

Whatsapp +91-9868021611  

Hi Jacob, thank you for locating that information for us! I will start on as soon as I can. Thanks, Fred

Publisher has been contacted, awaiting reply.

Hi Fred,

There is one more Hindi bible publisher, who will be willing to give rights.  Also, add Hindi fonts which will be helpful in displaying Hindi songs in local languages

Bro V.K. Singh
Executive Secretary & Chief Functionary
India Bible Publishers
Cell: +91-9005881288

Hi Fred, its true. Hindi Songs are well functional in Easy Worship, Just install the required fonts. Thanks Jacob 9868021611

Hi Jacob, thanks for the confirmation! Let me know if you find any bugs or notes of interest with Hindi language material. 

Hi Fred, India Bible Publisher they do have the rights for Hindi bibles. I hope you have contacted the concerned person of India Bible Publisher Bro V.K Singh

Hi team,

Hope you are doing well

I just wanna know, if the Hindi Bible plugins has been released or not?


Hi, Careen. EasyWorship has not received a response from any Hindi publishers regarding a possible translation for EasyWorship. 

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