Could EW please release the interface to the camera once you move from a Feed to a standard slide?

How would you like the feature to work?

Here is what I observed: The setup, external USB connected camera. With EW running standard slides like announcements or backgrounds, I can open and close the Windows 10 camera app and record with no problem. I can also bring up a Feed slide with no issue. However, after running the camera Feed inside EW and moving to other standard slides, the camera interface remains "in use" and I am no longer able to access the camera using the Windows 10 camera app.
I understand that I cannot use the camera for both at the same time, that is not what I am asking. What I would like is if EW would release the interface to the camera once you move from a Feed to a standard slide. As long as I do not touch that Feed slide in EW, I can do anything with the camera in other apps, but once EW Feed "touches" that camera, it owns it until I close out of EW completely.

Why is this feature important to you?

Really like the software and the latest version. I got it working with an external camera and the congregation really likes it. However, I had a request to record some video during the service. So, I thought I would just launch the Windows 10 camera app, record the moment and save the file, then close the camera app and continue with the service in EasyWorship. If this could be straightened out, it would add a lot of utility for all the small churches out there trying to get by with minimal hardware on a shoestring budget.

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