Serbian Bible

Serbian Bible (Serbian)

Bible League International

publisher contacted 5/14

Hello. Is the Serbian Bible available for easy worship?

Not at this time. I am moving this Bible to Not Taken as the Publisher has not responded to our requests.

is there anything that I can do to help? I really need that Bible for my church :D

You are welcome to reach out to the Publisher and see if they want to work with us but I actually found that another Serbian Bible is potentially about to become available.

It is an easy-to-read version of the Bible in Serbian from the Bible League International.

An Easy-to-Read version of the Serbian Bible has been published for free in EasyWorship. Can you download and see if that Bible is working for you, please?

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Sure, I will be able to try it on Saturday because it's only then I can be in church.

I will give to you a feedback as soon as I download it and instal it.

Sorry, I can't find where that Bible has been published. Do you mean in the Software itself or on the website? Because I can only have access to the church computer on Saturday and Sunday,

Hi David, it is available both on the site and in the software.

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