Giving guidance to casual Android app Full control user thru "skipped" slides

When one sets a slide to advance automatically after 0:00.00. the slide currently fully displays, and then advances.


I was hoping that the slide would show in preview, but in Live it would be "skipped".  This would definitely apply to the first slide in an item, but could be useful anywhere, I believe.


This would enable me to provide instructions on when to trigger a new schedule item to the person pressing the advance buttons, without those instructions ever making it to the live output. 


On the Android app, on a 10" or larger tablet, this is perfect for a "casual" operator in the congregation to be guided by the presentation's provider.

Our goal is to have 4 or so persons, sitting in the pews, who take turns running EasyWorship during worship events.  They would probably not be the persons who assemble the schedule, thus they won't know exactly when to advance at all times.  (Advancing during hymns is not a problem; advancing at key times in readings, prayers is the challenge).

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