Spellcheck for Spanish Songs

Could the Spanish Language be added to do spellcheck on the Songs?

We have to type them in Word and do the spellcheck there and then enter them in Easyworship.

It would be great to have it directly in Easyworship.

Thank you. 

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you can do it now but you have to install it manually:

1. Open song editor

2. Click to "ABC" icon under title

3. Spelling Options...

4. Click on the language tab
5. Click on "Download Additional Dictionaries"

6. Download spanish dictionary
7. Click on Locate Dictionaries...
8. Enjoy

Lo malo es que no interpreta algunos signos como signos: por ejemplo "¡" o "¿" los lee como letras entonces tendrás que añadir las palabras de nuevo al diccionario pero con el tiempo lo completaras

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