Displaying the notes of a item on the Android app, and possibly being able to control the font size on the lower slides/items list.

Is it possible for the notes for an item (the field under the item title in the left hand pane) to be displayed on the "Next Schedule Item" or the "Previous Schedule Item" boxes in the Android App?

The "Next Schedule Item" is the last in the list of slides for the current item, when the tablet is in Portrait mode.

The "Previous Schedule Item" is the first in the list of slides for the current item, when the tablet is in Portrait mode, and the current slide is one of the first few.

I am looking for a place to put small notes of guidance to the "operator" of the Android App, about when exactly to advance to the next item.

It would be even better if, thru the app, one could control the font size, and possibly the box size, of the list in the lower half of the screen.  At minimum, it would be excellent to be able to enlarge the font of the notes; there's lots of empty space on a 10" tablet display.

Looking at my LG G4 phone, it appears that the font display is physically the same size as my 10" tablet (how do I get screen captures for this?).  I am prone to hold my smartphone closer to my face, therefore the font (and possibly the size of the slide image too) could be a bit smaller.

Thanks for considering this.  Our congregation doesn't have a dedicated AV operator for services; these adjustments to the Android app would go a long way to having more people operate EasyWorship properly.

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