The Indonesian Catholic Bible

EW has been very useful, but not when we talk about using Indonesian version of Catholic Bible in the Easy Worship.

Our community has more senior people and most of them speak limited English so it's kind of hard for us to use The Catholic Bible (New American Revised Version) to serve them. So, we have been having too much technical setup by switching screens to present the Indonesian Catholic Bible from a Non-projectable software, or we also have to manually pre-type the scriptures on the presentation.

Serving God through serving people will make it so much easier when the bible is accustomed to the audience understanding and less technical setup.

I don't mind paying for the scriptures as long as it's a plug-in to EW or similar to that.

Is there anyway for us to get more information about this?

Or, is there any other software we can install in lieu of it, while waiting for your team to establish one for us?

Thank you.
God bless your team!

It's TB.

However, I would like to make sure if the TB is also Catholic version.

How do I get the Detheorocanonica?

Hi Fred. I guess it is TB. But i was wondering if it also has the Detheorocanonica for Catholick? Apart from the Detheo, is TB itself applicable to Catholic version? Thanks

Could you please try to provide the translation abbreviation (i.e. NIV, NASB, NKJV, TB) and the publisher's information?

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