Attached is a bible translated in my language. I was wondering if I can get it in an ewb or easy worship format. 3474043950


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Hi Emmanuel, I'm not aware of updates from the Ghana Bible Society. I will check on Monday when my team is back in the office and see what they say.

Hello Fred,Please what is the update on your team contacting the Ghana bible society.Has there been an good news?

Hi Fred, Please how far has your team gone with the contacting of Ghana Bible Society with regards to the Twi Bible Text.

Hello @Daniel Arthur, can you please provide an email to contact you?

Okay, thank you. I will be on standby.

Hi Fred, I have got in touch with the distribution manager of the Bible Society of Ghana. This is his email address I have talked to him about the authorization for the Twi Bible text to be added to EasyWorship software. He said I should give his email to you for further correspondence and authorization/copyright. They prefer to deal directly with you as expected. Kindly send him an email for further info using me Daniel Arthur as a reference point. I will be on standby for further information or assistance.

You're welcome! Yeah, that'll be great. I'll keep my eyes out for your update.

Thanks Fred. I will look for another publisher if the Ghana Bible Society is not responding.

Hi Daniel, perfect! Thank you. The only other way to get an Akan or Twi Bible is to find a different Bible Society or Publisher who would approve us to distribute the Bible. Currently, the Nigerian Bible Society has given a stern "No." when asked and the Ghanaian Bible Society has not responded. If we can find another, I would be happy to contact them though.

Okay, well noted. I will try and get in touch with the Bible Society of Ghana and let them contact you. But is there any other way around this apart from getting in touch with the Ghana Bible Society?

Currently, we have been unable to obtain this Bible. I would recommend reaching out to the Bible Society of Ghana and seeing if they would be interested in working with us as we have been unable to get in touch with them. You can have them contact me at and address any emails to Fred Callicoat.

How far has this feature request gone? Can we connect somehow and get this feature through to EW?

That's great! I'd be happy to work with them either by phone at 1-918-250-1493 or by email at

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