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Romanian Version Dumitru Cornilescu (VDC) - Romanian

Dumitru Cornilescu Version  (VDC)


© Copyright British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) and the Interconfessional Bible Society of Romania (SBIR) 2016

Interconfesională din România

Calea Calarasilor nr.173, Bl.42, Sc.2, Ap.35, sector 3

Tel: +40 21 3208479

Emailed Publisher 04/22/2019

Please can I also put in a request for the Romanian Cornilescu (Revised 2014) Bible add on?

We have a dedicated Romanian congregation in Dewsbury UK, and are keen to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Many thanks.

We have already attempted to contact the Publisher. I have yet to receive anything from them but you are welcome to contact them on our behalf. Topic is moved to Not Taken due to Publisher, at this time.


I've called SBIR and asked them about your approval request, they do not remember getting one over email but they said that may be due to spam issues.

Can I please ask you to contact them again regarding the request above at: and should they not answer in one or two business day I would ask you to answer in this thread and I will call them again.

We've invested in a EW7 license and cannot use it because we lack a proper Romanian Bible for it.



Just wondering if you managed to send that email request?


Yes, our team contacted them last on October 29th and I have asked them to attempt to contact the Bible Society again.

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