BJB (Judson Bible) - Burmese Bible

  • Name: Judson Bible
  • Abbreviation: BJB (98)
  • Language: Burmese
  • Publisher: Bible Society of Myanmar ( WebPage | FB)
  • Copyright: Public Domain

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Please choose a specific translation and reply with the translation name and the name of the publisher of that translation. 

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The Bible Society has been contacted and we are awaiting their response.

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 Thank you Mr Fred Callicoat for answered our request.that's bible was translated by Adoniram Judson.The name of the publisher's American Bible Society.thanks again sir I appreciate that.God Bless esy worship support team.

I am having some trouble locating that Bible. Can you find the abbreviation for it? I'm looking for the name of the translation not the name of the translator.

Hi John, please respond with the translation name or it will be removed.

Hi admin, The translation name is Myanmar (Burmese).thankyou sir.

No that is a country and a language name. I need to know the translation name such as ESV - English Standard Version. If there is not a specific request, then we can not attempt to get this translation.

 The translation name is BJB (also known as Judson version).Thank you for your kindness.God Bless you.

Hello Fred ,

I 'd requested same request as John and posted 3 years ago.

Recently, I joined EasyWorship User Group (Official) and posted same request.

Now, then I found this thread and pls let me know anything that I can follow up.

I suppose you need the abbreviation and the name of the translation. As for Myanmar (Burmese) bible, we got only one version. 

Below is the detail info:

  • Name: Judson Bible
  • Abbreviation: BJB (98)
  • Language: Burmese
  • Publisher: Bible Society of Myanmar ( WebPage | FB)
  • Copyright: Public Domain

You may refer to the Burmese Bible used in ProPresenter as well. I herewith attached Burmese Bible in XML as you may need it.
Thank you so much.  May GOD bless you and use you more. (2 Corinthians 9:8)
Pls let me know if you need further info | assistant needed.

With Love,

Are you working on this, Mr. Fred? We are dying waiting for this Bible translation since Easyworship2009 . BTW I love the upgrade on Easy worship 7.

No, I am not working on this. I have submitted a request to our Developers to look into obtaining this Bible; however, we have to wait for them to approve the request and then we have to contact the Bible Society of Myanmar to request the Bible. Depending on the response we get from the Bible Society of Myanmar, this process may take a few months or may not happen at all.

Hello Fred,

Our church has started using Easy worship 7, and we would really love to have Burmese Bible(BJB) which is also implemented by Pro presenter.

Thank You!

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