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Request for Twi Bible Plug-in(GHANA)

I wish to express my satisfaction and gratitude to the team behind the development of EasyWorship Software, its a great solution to church presentation.

However, there is an urgent need for TWI Bible Plug-in in my country Ghana for effective sermon delivery. See below the details you requested for:

Name of bible translation & abbreviation: Twerɛ Kronkron, ASWDC Language: Twi. Publisher name and contact information: The Bible Society of Ghana Address: Opp. James Fort Prisons, High Street, Accra, Ghana Phone:+233302663803 Fax:+233302669613 Website:

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Hi Kwame, as I said earlier we have been unable to reach the Publisher of this Bible and we can not proceed until then. We have repeatedly made attempts to add this Bible and get in touch with a Publisher but have so far been unable to. If you can initiate contact with the Publisher, that would be most appreciated but I will be closing this post from further comments unless they pertain to new information about the Publisher or contacting the Publisher. Fred

I will like to add my voice. it is really urgent that there Twi VERSION can be made available. i am counting on your cooperation. 

This Bible is being moved to Not Taken as we have not had a response from the Publisher.

Thank you. Waiting patiently on it.

The publisher was contacted on Mar 11, 2019 and a general contract was sent on Apr 17, 2019. Currently awaiting the publisher to move forward with this.

Just as Mr. Arthur has put across, we really need this to help in the effective delivery of sermons.


Thank you

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